Offcuts Programme

When our soaps are cut into shape in the factory, odd-shaped pieces are left over. If they have a funny shape, they are just as delicious as the soaps we sell. In a spirit of zero waste and of sharing, we decided to donate these offcuts to Ocean Friend organisations around the world.

Our first partner is Surfers Not Street Children, an inspiring programme that fuses surfing, mentorship, and care to empower street children and children at risk in South Africa and Mozambique. 

Surfers Not Street Children was founded in downtown Durban in 1998 by activist and surfer Tom Hewitt MBE with the goal to identify and assist homeless street children. Sitting on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Durban is one of South Africa’s biggest cities, and battles with poverty, homelessness, illiteracy and unemployment. Empowered by surfing and the sea, many young people have transformed their lives, going from the street to reintegrating society as coffee baristas, lifesavers, surf shop staff, restaurateurs, surf coaches and even pro surfers! Surfers Not Street Children understands that the Ocean can be a life-changing place of healing: “Every breaking wave is a new beginning” goes its mantra.