We are a growing team of people passionate about the ocean.

Born on the Atlantic coast in Spain, founder & CEO Lucia Rochat has a powerful bond with the ocean and has always felt more comfortable in the water than on dry land. Today based in Switzerland, she has created a social enterprise with the goal of building hope for the future. Her dream is to see our oceans thrive.

Dr. Susanne Lockhart is our Chief Scientist. A Marine Biologist, she has thirty years’ experience in Antarctic research including collaborations with NOAA, Greenpeace and Pew Charitable Trusts. She has participated in nine international expeditions to Antarctica, many of them leading a team of invertebrate experts, and in 2018 and 2022 as chief scientist for submarine expeditions. Susie is one of The Economist’s “Ocean Protectors“; read about her fight to protect the Antarctic here. The Antarctic sea cucumber, Psolus lockhartae, was named after Susie in recognition of her contributions to Antarctic invertebrate research.

Creative & Brand Director Rosie Larue grew up on both sides of the South Pacific Ocean, in Peru and Australia, before moving to Paris. Her favourite sea creature is the seahorse, so strange and pretty. Art Director Ben Schwab dreams of being a merman but is scared he’ll be eaten by a shark.

Lucia’s brother, Rodrigo Peñalosa is Head of Communications, his multi-tasking skills make him wonder if he was an octopus in a previous life. Writer and editor Kate van den Boogert prefers the east coast to the west, and passionate diver and conservationist Charlotte Firmenich takes care of our sea science videos, and loves whale sharks.