The Mission

The Soap and the Sea is a tale for and by people who love the ocean.

We are on a mission to make soap little ambassadors for our enormous ocean, and rally a community of Ocean Friends as we go. We want to contribute to the conversation about ocean conservation and amplify the voices of those who care and who are doing something to help.

We believe sharing stories of hope raises awareness and empowers people to protect the ocean. This is a journey of sharing and learning together. On this journey, our route will cross paths with characters both real and fictional: surfers and explorers, swimmers and scientists, whales and mermaids….

The ocean is a powerful source of wonder, inspiration and nourishment for our planet and for our souls. It is also fragile and vulnerable. If we could all stop to wonder at the magic of the ocean, and see that it is in danger, maybe we all might want to do something to help protect it. However small.

We commit to giving fifty percent of profits to Ocean conservation via our dedicated philanthropic sheltered fund, The Wishful Squid.

Learn more about The Wishful Squid Fund and its first initiative the Cape Well-Met VME.