Cedar & Sandalwood
Cedar & Sandalwood
Cedar & Sandalwood
Cedar & Sandalwood

Cedar & Sandalwood

Organic handmade soap _ 100g / 3.52z
Regenerating Woody Warming

100% Natural
Organic & Vegan Certified
Cruelty Free
Plastic Free
No Palm Oil

Why we love it

The Cedar & Sandalwood organic soap engages the body and the spirit with its rich, earthy scent. Sandalwood’s warm and grounding qualities are balanced by the robust, invigorating aromatics of Cedar wood

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We are on a mission to make soap little ambassadors for our enormous ocean, and rally a community of Ocean Friends as we go. 50% of our profits are donated to ocean conservation via our fund The Wishful Squid.

Our 100% natural soaps are organic and vegan certified. They have been formulated to be respectful of your skin and of the planet.

Dermatologically tested and organic, our soap is totally safe but can sting if it enters the eyes. If this happens, simply rinse out with plenty of water.

cocos nucifera oil*, sodium hydroxide**, aqua**, olea europaea fruit oil*, ricinus communis seed oil**, parfum**, glycerin**, tocopherol**, limonene**, eugenol**, geraniol**

*organic / **natural origin