The Blue Whale

Illustration by Seiji Matsumoto

“The blue whale is nice and it is the largest animal on Earth. It’s one of my favourite animals. I remember reading that its heart weighed over 150kg!

It is the largest and loudest animal on Earth and is even louder than a jet engine. It has become a symbolic image of the sea, and I have used it as a motif in my works related to environmental issues, so it is personal to me.“


The Blue Whale is the largest animal to ever live, in the entire history of the Earth! Their incredible size is only possible because of their aquatic lifestyle; on land, the blue whale would almost certainly be crushed under its own weight. Though they are enormous, Blue Whales are not predatory. They filter feed for tiny krill and are totally harmless to people (other than through accidental collisions). Blue Whales have a truly global distribution and live in every ocean except the parts of the Arctic.

Text sourced from Oceana, an Ocean Friend organisation dedicated to preserving and restoring the world's oceans.

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