The Leopard Seal

Illustration by Klas Ernflo

“I was always pretty sure I wanted to draw the Leopard Seal because I like it’s character, something like an underwater dog. A fantastic, cute, Antarctic animal that sometimes can look a little scary. I like the blobby and hydrodynamic body shape too.“


Leopard Seals get their name from the spots that cover their fur. This species is well known as one of the top predators at the Antarctic ice edge. Its willingness to attack large prey has given it a reputation of being a very aggressive hunter and excellent swimmer and they are perhaps most well known for their predation on Antarctic penguins. On the ice surface, Leopard Seals typically spend their time resting or caring for their young and do not attempt to capture prey. Killer whales are the only species known to eat Leopard Seals.

Text sourced from Oceana an Ocean Friend organisation dedicated to preserving and restoring the world's oceans.

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