The Sea Angel

Illustration by Seiji Matsumoto

“The cute way Sea Angels swim, the angelic shape of their bodies, the unexpected way they prey, all are so unique.

They are so mysterious and fascinating that it is hard to believe they exist. They’re out of this world!“


A Sea Angel is a type of swimming snail that lives in cold and temperate waters around the world. The muscular foot found in land snails has evolved into a pair of winglike structures called parapodia whose rhythmic flapping propels the sea angel through the open ocean, and gives it the appearance of flying. Sea angels measure 1-2 cm in length and have a small, transparent, gelatinous body and no shell. While the graceful movements of this swimming snail may make it look like an angel, it’s really a prowling predator.

Text sourced from Monterey Bay Aquarium, an Ocean Friend organisation dedicated to preserving and restoring the world's oceans.

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