The Moray Eel

Illustration by Klas Ernflo

“I chose to draw the The Moray Eel because of the beautiful textured skin and the funny wobbly body. The Moray Eel looks so mean, but I do like them a lot. I know they are found worldwide but they feel very mediterranean to me, I like that since I live here.“


Any of 80 or more species of eels of the family Muraenidae, Moray Eels occur in all tropical and subtropical seas, where they live in shallow water among reefs and rocks and hide in crevices. Moray Eels are usually vividly marked or coloured and their jaws are equipped with strong, sharp teeth, which enable them to seize and hold their prey. Morays are eaten in some areas of the world, but their flesh can be toxic. One species of Moray, Muraena helena, was considered a great delicacy by the ancient Romans who cultivated them in seaside ponds.

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