We Make Quality Soaps To Help Protect Our Oceans

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Why Make The Sea-Saving Switch?


Plastic-free soaps and packaging

100% Natural & Organic

Quality, moisturising soaps made with natural ingredients

50% Profis Donated

We donate to Ocean Conservation initiatives

Easy Delivery

EU delivery, free over 60€ / CHF 60

Is Your Current Soap Leaving Your Skin Dry?

Our soaps are made in Europe with 100% natural and organic certified ingredients, so you're left feeling moisturised and refreshed.

Why Do We Want To Protect The Ocean?

The ocean covers more than two thirds of the earth’s surface and produces more than half of the oxygen we breathe. We want to create a community of ocean friends through our brand to help protect the heart of the planet.

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Save your skin, protect the sea. Become an ocean ambassador today.